Miniature Strain Gauge Amplifier, Converts Load Cell to 4-20mA (Set of 4)


  • Fits inside sensors, 19.5 mm diameter, 7.6 mm height
  • Outputs to 4-20 mA
  • Non interaction between the trimmers makes calibration fast and easy
  • High speed 1000 Hz
  • User selectable span resistor
  • 2 wire 4-20 mA load cell option
  • Robust design, of high noise immunity & reverse polarity protected
  • Option of an in-line enclosure (shown on thumbnail image on left)

Note: The price shown is for a set of 4 ICA4H units

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Very High Stability ICA4H – 4-20 mA, 3 wire

The ICA4H miniature strain gauge amplifier offers a high performance strain gauge amplifier in miniature OEM format, designed specifically for fitting inside load cells, converts load cell to 4-20 mA output.

The ICA4H offers high stability and fast response as well as very low drift over wide operating temperatures.

The price includes four (4) units.

Optional (ILE) in line enclosure to convert a standard load cell to a conditioned load cell output

ICA4H (set)

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Q: How many load cells can you attach to a ICA?

A: One