About Us

Welcome to our online shop which enables our customers in the USA to make quick and easy online purchases of a selection of our best selling solutions. We are able to ship products directly from our distribution centre in Atlanta, Georgia which means products will arrive to you without the hassle of unknown import duties and hidden shipping fees. All of our products are calculated in US dollars so the price you see at the cart is the price you will pay.

This ecommerce site enable you to make quick and easy purchases of Mantracourt products. If you require any further services for sensors, system integration or wider project support then please contact us so we may identify a USA based business partner who can offer you product and services to suit your project.

We believe in

High Performance Products

  • High performance analogue & digital signal conditioners
  • Innovative wireless techniques

  • USB data acquisition

  • Feature rich, intuitive software

We invest in

State-of-the-art manufacturing

  • State-of-the-art manufacturing for reliable, repeatable performance
  • Dedicated in-house design expertise

  • Expert technical advice & support

We tailor to

Diverse industry applications

  • Construction

  • Marine

  • Waste Management

  • Automotive

  • Energy

Our areas of expertise

We are proud to be recognised as industry leading experts in the following disciplines:

  • Strain gauge and load cell signal conditioners.
  • Wireless radio telemetry.

  • Ultra high performance analogue to digital converters.
  • Fieldbus areas, including Modbus, ASCII and CAN.

  • Hazardous area (ATEX).

Our mission

Back in 1974, when we founded Mantracourt, our mission was clear: to lead the field in the application of microelectronics across all sectors of industrial measurement. Over the past four decades Mantracourt, still proudly based in the Southwest of England, has fulfilled that goal. Today our mission remains the same: we continue to provide cutting-edge technology to scores of OEM sensor manufacturers and our international distribution network now spans over 30 countries.

Our Field

Our mission means we have an unparalleled expertise in our field. The instrumentation we design is primarily used within load cells, strain gauges, pressure sensors, torque transducers, flow sensors and temperature sensors. The areas of signal conditioning and display & control – via analogue, digital or radio wireless telemetry – are both specialities. Our clients enjoy the complete confidence that only a company of our pedigree can offer.

Our in-house manufacturing process

A vital part of the Mantracourt success story is our constant investment in manufacturing. Our in-house equipment includes the cutting-edge automated Surface Mount production line – based around Yamaha iPulse M10 and M20 – which consistently delivers both impeccable quality and swift adaptability for our customers. Furthermore, our Automatic Optical Inspection machine ensures every board we create has been correctly soldered and all parts are accurately placed. Our Automatic Testing Equipment gives piece of mind to our customers, its rigorous processes ensure every product we produce is of the highest possible quality. We are justifiably proud of our ISO9001:2008 certification and that the products we manufacture are ATEX approved and RoHS compliant. We believe in-house manufacturing has been vital to our sustained and continuing success.

Our specialist engineering skills

Our team of design and development engineers is, understandably, the envy of the sector. This group of highly-skilled experts design both hardware and software for our client’s, often diverse, needs. Examples of our software capabilities include designing Toolkits, drivers (DLL’s) and bespoke s/w solutions. Web based data delivery (loT), X-Y axis Load Pin measurements, ATEX, Labview and Embedded C are just some of the additional areas of expertise Mantracourt offers. Our hardware designers have vast experience in communications such as Modbus, ASCII and CANOpen among others. Wireless technologies, 2.4GHz based on 802:15.4 Protocols and Bluetooth are other specialities. Our clients know that, in our design and development team, they are dealing with the leading minds in the field.

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OEM Solutions

We offer a uniquely complete design and manufacture service for OEMs

Custom engineering is at the heart of our business. As an OEM customer we can offer you a complete design & manufacture service, often creating entirely new and technologically advanced products that meet your exact needs and requirements.

In-house design team and lab

One of our key assets is our team of design and development engineers – in total, we have six engineers supported by three technicians – with a fully equipped laboratory, including specialist EMC and RF test equipment, that is used when developing products and making prototypes. Our skills include Analogue Circuit Design specialising in High Accuracy, High Stability Strain Bridge Measurements. Many of our designs are micro-controller based using the latest in 8 and 32 Bit processors.

Cost effective with product assurance

To make best use of our design resources, we are often able to modify an existing product to meet your specific needs, and we can call upon a design portfolio of over 1000 different designs to help us in this customisation work. This can provides a cost effective solution with the assurance of tried and tested design platform.

Flexible & timely Manufacture

Our state of the art manufacturing facilities offer reliable, flexible and timely production whether your custom requirement is small or large. Quality is key for us and continuous investment in equipment and automation enables us to achieve extremely high levels of repeatability. Certification to ISO standards confirms that we adopt a continuous improvement approach to service and quality assurance. Our goal is total customer satisfaction.

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