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    Stress Analysis Services Inc.
    PO Box 1225
    Bath, Ohio

    Stress Analysis Services was founded in 1966 by W. Bruce Davey to represent manufactures in the field of experimental stress. Today SAS has grown to over 50 principles. SAS strives to be the most productive, respected and efficient rep in the region and the best rep in the country for each principles.

    Dedicated sales engineers and customer support to offer help with all application needs, and on line and printed materials designed for up to date information on the product range.

    SAS is a manufacturers’ representative serving the OEM. Test & Industrial markets in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Western Pennsylvania & Upstate New York.

    Dan Dykert
    Western Michigan, I-64W & I-69S
US31, I-96 West
    Tel: (616) 450-3728

    Dave Ertel
    Central and Southern Ohio,
 Eastern Kentucky
    Tel: (513) 598-5488

    Tom Loss
    Upstate New York
    Tel: (716) 941-5896

    Tim McPherson
    Detroit / Downriver
I-275 / I-696 / I-75 South
    Tel: (734) 422-1962

    Tim Meyer
    West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania
    Tel: (412) 341-5372

    Samantha Althoff
    Northeast Ohio
    Tel: (419) 283-4280

    Tony Sahm
    Indiana and Western Kentucky
    Tel: (317) 898-3345

    Kurt Newman
    I-75 & M-59N/US127, I-69 N
Central, Northern, & U.P Michigan
    Tel: (248) 719-2132

    Kurt Anderson
    Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Nebraska & Kansas
    Tel: (216) 387-0361

    Jamie Janczak

    Tel: (608) 345-7918

    Scott Sandstrom
    Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska,
 North & South Dakota
    Tel: (952) 898-2471